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Here You can download free my work about Rockall in the full version with all the attachments and so on. No author right on this work does exist, it is free, nevertheless please just contact me, if You want to use it anywhere. I will be in favour, it will be a pleasure; just to know about it.



This study was written in order to gather information about Rockall, a speck of rock towering from the stormy Atlantic approximately 450 km due west from the seashore of Scotland. The work deals with the rock’s history on one hand and on the other hand with geological development and characteristics of its surroundings, the submarine Rockall Plateau. Also, it describes the political issue between the four states in the vicinity caused by the discovery of oil under the Plateau.

About the work

This 52-pages long study was written as a project under the High-School Scientific Work (Středoškolská odborná činnost [SOČ]). It tries to desribe Rockall as closely and as comprehensively as possible. It should be the first complex study on this thesis.

The work was written during January, February and March 2009. I will actualize it ass the time will pass.


This study was completed with the help of my consultant, Mgr. Jan Vybíral and with a lot advice from RNDr. Petr Daněk, PhD., who also provided me with valuable maps and data. I am really grateful for correspondence with Andy Strangeway, who sent me some information and photos and who helped me with the verification of items mentioned in the study. And I am glad to have contacted Dr. Fraser MacDonald, whose work I was allowed to use in few sections.

The English version was kindly corrected by Emmanuel Kofi Ankomah. Thanks to him!

Andy Strangeway:

About the author

Ondřej Daněk (born February 26th 1992) studies on the eight-year high school, Gymnázium, Brno-Řečkovice in Brno. He is interested in the common geography, history, historical geography and the geography of the dependencies.

Contact: danek[dot]ondrej[at]gmail[dot]com

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