obr. 28 – the view of the rock during the stage of four volunteers from Greenpeace – sign ‘United Nations No new oil’; above the sign their solar pod; above that there is the flag of Waveland and the beacon

obr. 29 – bird’s eye view

fig. 30 – two activists inside the pod

fig. 31 – the security pod and its fixation to the rock (by twelve six-tonnes straps), with the three of volunteers

fig. 32 – flag of Waveland hoisted on Rockall, during the times of good weather

fig. 33 – our activists from Greenpeace (from left: Al Baker, David Sims, Peter (?) and Meike Huelsman) before embarking

fig. 34 – solar-powered navigational beacon fastened on the rock by the Greenpeace in 1998 after another one, repaired by Greenpeace during the 26th and 27th June; the sign:

Rockall Solar Beacon

Let the sun and wind
do their work
Leave the oil beneath
the waves

July 1998